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Smart Ear Cleaner Ear Spiral Ear Cleaner

Smart Ear Cleaner Ear Spiral Ear Cleaner

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Smart clean ears. Just rotate the handle,
Ear wax can be easily removed with a soft, soft tip with a spiral groove.
Disposable tips are easy to handle. Just throw away the used tips.
16 soft washable soft silicone heads for home use.
To remove wax from your ears, give your ears a better massage.
Very easy to use and easy to clean.
Traditional cotton swabs can be dangerous when removing earwax.
Pushing too far, the cotton swab may cause pain or push the wax into your ear.
Therefore, we recommend using this ear cleaning swab, which is safer than other cotton swabs.

Material: ABS + silicone
Size: 126x15x15mm
Color: blue and white

Package Content
1xEar Cleaner

ZE863100-ALL-1-1 ZE863100-C-3-1 ZE863100-C-4-1 ZE863100-C-5-1 ZE863100-D-6-1 ZE863100-D-7-1 ZE863100-S-2-1

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